We are an organisation campaigning for a better patient and staff orientated service in the NHS

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We want to make a difference to NHS


The birth of the NHS in 1948 brought together for the first time hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists under one umbrella to provide services free for all at the point of delivery.  In its 70th year, The NHS is still at the heart of public and staff concern and the pride of the UK.

However, the current ethos and practices have led to concerns over efficiency and effectiveness with allocation and use of NHS funding not being clear.  The NHS has created disparate teams where there is little feeling of belonging either locally or to the overall NHS, and there is lack of accountability at many levels. 

70 years on, there is a pressing need to rapidly evolve or face the reality of a broken NHS.  We must address this troubling situation, bringing together concerned staff from all areas of NHS funded care, patients and the public - the NHS is of concern to all.  It is time to change the narrative to focus on what can be done now.

Low staff morale must be rapidly addressed, harnessing the talent and motivation of staff, patients, the public and communities to improve and innovate care.  Accountability at all levels must be evident and real. 

Managers and staff have to come together to find and implement practical, workable and sustainable solutions to address the problems currently seen in providing NHS care.  The public deserves to be more meaningfully involved in this and given a voice that is heard equally alongside those providing their care.  NHS finances, effectiveness and efficiency must be more accessible and transparent to staff and the public.


  1. To campaign for a better patient and staff orientated NHS funded Healthcare service.

  2. To campaign for a transparent and prudent use of NHS funds at all levels.

  3. To campaign for unification of primary and secondary care system

  4. To campaign for closer collaboration between the NHS, social services and public health

  5. To seek the support of and collaborate with other organisations who are promoting the effectiveness, efficiency and preservation of the NHS

  6. To propose, support and collaborate on practical solutions to the problems identified

  7. To promote awareness of how NHS money is spent including the cost and value of services provided.

  8. To listen to and act as a conduit of the vision and experiences of the users and staff of NHS.

  9. This organisation will not seek to belong to any political party

Our Aims