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Dr. Mike Jones


Prof. Derek Bell


Prof. Parag Singhal


Prof. Davinder



Mr. Stephen Parsons


Prof. Subodh Dave


Prof. Madhera Patel


Prof. Martin Steggal


Covid-19: an opportunity for public service reform?

This paper has been drafted by an ‘Our NHS Our Concern’ working group. The views are of course the responsibility of Our NHS Our Concern.

Summary of Recommendations within the paper

  1. More explicit and adequate support for those that undertake training roles in the NHS.

  2. Promote easier access to training and career progression for international workers

  3. Promote expansion of the workforce to fill a large number of unfilled posts in medicine

  4. Promotion of generalist training and retention of skills for doctors working within hospitals

  5. Better integration of cross-specialty training and working

  6. Better accessibility to simulation facilities including the sharing of centers between Universities and Trusts to support safe and effective learning

  7. Better sharing of learning resources that may be generated locally but are applicable nationally

  8. Retention of assessment that is relevant to the role that we are asking clinicians to undertake

  9. Review the effectiveness of present structures that are supposed to promote adequacy of healthcare training

  10. Support continuous review of training standards within all specialties.

This document has been submitted as evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Public Services. The full paper will be available only after the results of the committee are published.

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