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Our NHS Our Concern

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Austerity or cuts to NHS?

“In many ways, the NHS is no different from any multinational corporation.

The only difference is that the private sector serves customers, while the public

sector – in this case the NHS – has to cater for patients. The expectations for

quality of care is a common thread. In both, ‘who pays the piper calls the tune’

and demands effective use of the resources with better performance outcomes,

where no waste in resources is tolerated.”

Buddhdev Pandya MBE

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Does the NHS really need more Money to solve the problems ?

It is common place to hear of the increasing problems in the NHS but extremely rare for individuals and organisations to provide solutions for them. We believe that those of us who work in the NHS and those interested in preserving the ethos and practice of the NHS should present their solutions informed by their wide experiences. We recognise that not all the problems are easy to solve but many of them could be made better if the voices of common sense were to be heard....

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Time to engage the general public

Whilst many people understand that the Government spends billions of pounds providing national health services each year, the vast majority of the population do not know the actual costs of delivering these services. The expectations of, and demands made by the public in relation to healthcare are increasing year by year. However, there has been no nationally-led discussion concerning the continued affordability of healthcare amid, for example growing demand, an ageing population and rising expectations regarding technological and treatment innovation. More importantly, society is not made aware of the vast sums of money that are wasted when individuals do not use the NHS appropriately or the cost to the NHS whenever we use its services. For example, how many individuals understand the true cost of the drugs they are prescribed or cost of failing to turn up for an appointment and how this time could have been given to another patient?

To read the full article click here #ournhsourconcern

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